Thursday, July 30, 2015

Frustration Leads To VENT SESSION

Alright. Let's talked about jobs, shall we?

In a perfect world, Ology online classes will run and I can teach them from home the end of next month. Also, in this perfect world, Ology's sister company, Acer, will have online classes for me to teach as well.

My fate is still in the hands of Ology and Acer students though. Whether or not I teach is dependent on enrollment. So, my dearest friends, if you or anyone you know is struggling with math and needs college algebra, please send them to Tell them about what I do! Tell them they can get their math requirement done in just a semester. We're not JUST for UVU students, we teach an independent study course and they can transfer those credits to whatever school they're attending! If you want more info, you can ask me personally, or call Ology (801-404-5209).

While I wait to see if the odds are in my favor, I've been exploring some other options. As you may or may not know, I am currently "employed" with several online math tutoring companies - WyzAnt, TutaPoint, VarsityTutors, InstaEdu. I use the term "employed" loosely because although I am a tutor in ALL of their systems, I haven't had any students to teach yet. My guess is it is because it is summer time. Although, the way 3/4 of those companies work is a first come first serve system. Whatever tutor happens to be online the same moment a student logs online and requests a tutor gets the sessions. I am never one of those lucky tutors.

I mentioned SAA a few posts ago. I advertised that I can teach piano lessons on the facebook page, so we shall see if anything comes from that! I've never actually taught piano before....I have experience with teaching though, as well as experience playing the piano, so I figure it's worth a shot!

Also I've been contacted about some babysitting/nanny-ing opportunities. These I am least excited about. It was fun when I was younger, and I think I will enjoy kids more if they are my own. But the desire to watch other people's kids is not really there for me anymore. Perhaps I just need an attitude adjustment. Or perhaps I've had one too many bad experiences with other people's children.

In addition to the above mentioned items, I've been looking online for jobs and have been working on filling out applications. So far I haven't been contacted by anyone, which I am not heartbroken about (my heart is so set on Ology/Acer...) This leads me to my purpose in writing this post though. I was working on filling out an online application, which sometimes takes forever, and I got to a point that said "list your employment history for the last 10 years."

10 YEARS?! Really? Okay, so you want me to list every job I've ever had basically, because 10 years ago I was a little 14 year old.

I begin typing. Well there was Ology where I was an instructor and director. There was BYU where I was a college algebra TA and a research assistant. Should I include my internship at Provo Adult Education? I was a teaching aide there, though I didn't get paid. Oh, and I forgot - I worked at Tilly's for literally one week. I worked at Old Navy for 2 months and only got scheduled 10 hours in my entire time working there. Let's see.... I worked at the MTC doing night custodial and serving dinner. I worked as a nanny. I worked as a self-employed math tutor. I worked at Old Navy for a year and a half. That is a LOT of jobs to list, Mr. Online Application!

Oh, and you want me to list the company's address and phone number? Let me utilize google to help me. You want the supervisor's name and phone number too?! How am I supposed to remember my supervisor at Old Navy when I was 17? And phone numbers? Really? Oh, cool, and you want me to list my starting and ending wage at each company. How much did the MTC pay me again? This seems more like a test of my memory. Perhaps I should lie and say I've only ever worked at Ology and BYU. Those are the only ones whose information I can accurately fill out.

If I wasn't frustrated enough by the time consuming nature of this application, the website crashed right as I was working on my 6th entry about my employment history. I panicked. I hit refresh. Nothing. I hit the back arrow, starting to feel my heart beat faster and my blood boil. Nothing. FINALLY the page came back to life only for me to discover the 5 entries I had worked on were erased. Typing the company name is fast enough, but there was NO WAY I was looking up all those addresses and phone numbers again. And there was NO WAY I was retyping the descriptions of what I did at each job. Did I waste an hour of my life? Yes. Thank you Mr. Online Application for not saving my work. Thank you Mr. Website for dying on me. My theory is you both hate me. Or maybe you want me to work for Ology/ Acer too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Carwash, Goats, and EFY

Three random words: carwash, goats, and EFY. I can't say one word without thinking of the other two though. Why do I group these words together, you might ask? Because once upon a time I went to EFY with my buddies Jennie and Trevor. Trevor shared his pictures with me and for whatever reason he titled his folder of pictures, "carwash, goats, and EFY".

The year was 2007. The month was June. I was a 16 year old at the time. In case you're curious what some pictures from this album look like, I will generously select a few for you.

As you can see, these pictures were all taken during one of the EFY dances because, frankly, none of us particularly enjoyed dancing. haha 

It's funny looking at these pictures and the location we were at because at the time, BYU campus was so foreign and intimidating to me. Now BYU campus is so familiar. I walked by the spot in front of the Wilk Ballroom probably a good 287 times. I also remember looking at the acronyms JKB, JSB, HFAC and feeling so confused and overwhelmed. Now not only do I know what the letters stand for, by more importantly I know where the buildings are located. I need to remember that with other scary things in the future. Anything new can seem overwhelming or scary at first. After some time and experience though, it becomes second nature.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Life in Kirksville: Week 3

Alrighty! So week 3 in Kirksville was pretty good! It was definitely an eventful week - with going to events, making some big purchases, working hard, socializing...haha

WE FINALLY FINISHED OUR THANK YOU CARDS! I felt bad because it was taking me forever to write them all, but then I started talking to some of the married folk during relief society and basically all of them told me they never finished thank you cards from their weddings. I felt a little bit better about things after that.haha Granted, we probably wouldn't have finished if we didn't make our FHE activity writing thank you cards until they were finished. Jonathan is a good sport.

On Tuesday we went to a SAA (student advocate association) social. SAA is basically a club/group for the student's spouses. There's a facebook page where people post all kinds of things - ads for jobs, ads for old stuff they are selling, ads for a babysitter, postings about trips to the city they are making (because when the city is an hour and a half away, sometimes it is nice to carpool), etc. Anyway, the social was a chance for people to get to know each other. I know they have other events throughout the semester too; we'll see how social I end up being!

Wednesdays Jonathan has to be at school earlier than usual. It's also "white coat day". Or something like that. I call it "dress like a doctor day". It's kind of fun to see him all dressed up and wearing his white coat. He looks so official! 

I tagged along with Jonathan to Scouts that night. It was pack meeting and so I figured I could blend in better. Mostly I just like finding excuses to spend time with him. We also got some really quick lessons on how to play the organ (well, Jonathan got the lessons because he is subbing for the organist in Sacrament meeting. I just stood and watched because I was curious.) Maybe one day I'll learn how to play for real.

The beginning of the week I pretty much did my usual - tagging along at school so I could bum of the Internet (to job search, check email, watch America's Got Talent, etc.) With the thank you cards finally finished, I spent free time at home playing piano and working on my cross-stitch Christmas advent calendar. I think the greatest mystery will be to see if I finish it in time for Christmas this year. I was pretty set on the idea there was NO WAY it would be done in time, but now I have this new-found optimism that maybe I can do it.

Thursday I about died. We went for a run around Kirksville and let's just say I got out of the habit of running, so it was a bit of a struggle for me. Have you ever gone running in humid weather? Wow. Holy unexpected. I don't regret going though. I love being active and being outside. It makes me happier and I feel better when I do it. I'm just glad I had Jonathan there by my side because I don't think it would have been as enjoyable by myself.

Okay, I shouldn't be telling you this in the week 3 post...but we got Internet today!! I'm so happy! In preparation for that though we had to go to the store and spend a boat load of money on a modem and router. Why is life so expensive? At least we don't have any other big expenses in the near future. Oh wait. I lied. We have to fix my car. I don't want to talk about it. (I will say my car is okay though. This was damage from my stupidity about a year ago and I didn't ever take care of it like I should have. Now we are facing the consequences.) 

On Friday we went to the lake. Who knew there was a lake so close to Kirksville! The water looked pretty gross and muggy, but it was nice to just be out in nature surrounded by all the trees. Kirksville isn't a big city, but sometimes it's just nice to get away from cities/towns in general. We walked around the lake and had a good talk about the future and things we want and goals we have. 

Then we went home and made yummy milkshakes! Oh, and apparently there is no Dreyers ice cream here. It's called Edy's! 

I feel like the days kind of all blurred together. I am pretty sure on Saturday we did our weekly planning, our grocery shopping, maybe ran some errands, oh....and we literally ran (that time was harder than the first run, haha), cleaned house, then we were social and had friends over! We invited Jonathan's friend Dalton and his girlfriend Amy over for some dinner, then my friend Lacey and her husband Daniel came over too for dessert and games. We played Farkle, Telestrations, and Canasta. Some of my favorites! :)

Sunday was SOOO rainy in the morning! Parts of the streets were basically flooded because of all the rain. But we made it to church in one piece, so that was good. I decided I like our ward. I also decided I like family wards infinitely better than single's wards. We took a SUPER LONG nap later that day, talked to his family on the phone, watched some Modern Family, and basically just enjoyed the day together. Life is great!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Tour of Our Little Home

I posted a tour of our home on Instagram, so this post may bore some of you readers. But confession time: I mostly blog for ME. My journal writing has been pretty non-existent the last month or so (I broke my 12 year streak...) but I want to document what has been going on in my life in SOME way still. I think a blog is a nice place to do it because not only can I put words, but I can include pictures! So here we go, a tour of mine and Jonathan's little home in Kirksville, MO.

 So here is the front of our little house. I like that we have off-street parking. I also like that we have a decent size shed. And even though it's inconvenient (especially with internet providers deciding if we are serviceable), I kind of like that our house number has 1/2 in it. I also like that we have a REAL mailbox, not those giants community metal boxes that everyone on the street shares. (Sorry the mailbox isn't pictured here.) I especially love getting to put up the little red flag to signify we have outgoing mail.

 Here is the back side of our house. This is maybe only showing about half our backyard, but I love how spacious it is. It's a pain to mow, but it's fun to have the space. We are literally the ONLY house on the street. Jonathan and I will often sing, "Our house, in the middle of the street" but change the words to "Our house, on it's very own street." We're dorks.

Here's the view when you walk through the front door. Walk straight down the hall and that's how you get to the back porch.

If you turn left when you first walk in, you're in the living room. We got our little couch at a discount furniture store, which was nice. And, of course, I had to put pictures on the wall.

Here is the other corner of the living room. Jonathan already had the TV and little end table it is on. We got the bookshelf for $15. It needed a little bit of work, but Jonathan's dad helped us fix it and now it's serving us well. I guess it's more of a movieshelf than a bookshelf, now that I look at what we've got on it...

If you were to turn right when walking into our home, this is the view you get. That table/chairs set was our first furniture purchase as a married couple and we got a really good deal on it. I love it! It's kind of awkward that we have 3 chairs instead of 4 because if we ever have guests over, chances are it'll be a couple, not a single person... But the majority of the time it's just me and Jonathan anyway, so 3 chairs is more than enough! Hanging on the left is a giant whiteboard, and hanging on the right is a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

Here's a close up of the whiteboard so you can stalk our lives this week.

Here's the rest of the kitchen. We've got lots of cupboard space, which is AWESOME.

Here is the bathroom (duh. Like you couldn't tell). Does it look girly? I didn't even think about that until right now.haha But in all fairness, Jonathan DID help me pick out a shower curtain. And light blue can be a gender-neutral color, right?

Across the hall from the bathroom is the laundry room. I love that it's a room and not an extension in the bathroom or kitchen. About the washer we also keep all our cleaning supplies (it was cut off in this picture). I've already discovered that doing laundry for 2 people means doing laundry more frequently than when I only had to worry about myself. He has bigger clothes than me. And he works out every day, which means he goes through more outfits and day than I do. Luckily he is super helpful and has probably done our laundry more times than I have. What a good husband.

This is our spare bedroom. If I end up teaching online classes, this is were I'll do it. For now, we just have the guitar and keyboard in here. Hopefully it doesn't end up turning into a junk room. It sure it spacious. Perfect for guests! We even have a king air matress. (Hint, hint. Come visit us in Missouri!)

Lastly, our bedroom! It's pretty big, so I had to take a couple pictures from different corners of the room. Our bed/mattress was our most expensive furniture purchase, but we figure getting a good night's sleep is definitely important. And don't you love our cheapo nightstands? Thank you Walmart.

Here's what we use as a dresser. We liked the idea of this because it was cheaper than a traditional dresser, and we can use it for other things in the future. Maybe use it in the living room, or a study room or something. Thank you Target gift cards for this lovely addition to our home.

We have plenty of closet space too, which is nice!!!

All in all, I know we are very fortunate to have as nice of a place as we do. We are especially lucky to be living in Kirksville as a newly-married couple, where cost of living is very low. I am blown away by how cheap rent is for a house this nice and of this size. I know we probably won't have something quite as nice or large when Jonathan is doing clinical rotations or residency, so for now we are just enjoying our lovely home! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heavenly Day!!

In my last post, I talked about how Sunday was a heavenly day because of all the yummy foods we made. So here is the blog post where I talk about that more in detail.

Exhibit A:
Oh my delicious. I don't even know what inspired us to make these, but it sounded good so we looked up a recipe and then whipped these babies up. It was HEAVEN. Please go make blueberry chocolate chip pancakes this week. They will change your life. We spent maybe 45 minutes fantasizing about other kind of pancakes we want to try. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes, Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes, White Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes, Reeses Pancakes.... Imagine the possibilities.
I also had this genius idea to pull out a container of fruit dip we had in our fridge. I spread it on my pancake and I about died from pure delight. This fruit dip is so yummy to dip strawberries or apples in, but it is equally just as yummy to put on your pancakes. The recipe is super simple too - 1 jar of marshmallow creme, 1 block of cream cheese (room temperature), and about 2 T of orange juice. Mix it with a hand mixer and voila! You've just created heaven. Please go try it. I was generous enough to give you the recipe. 

Exhibit B:
We were basically in a food coma after eating our pancakes, so we took a nap. Only a few hours after our nap, we indulged in more deliciousness. We had a yummy pot roast waiting for us, complete with potatoes and carrots. Can't forget the side of bread too!! Roast dinner is BY FAR my most favorite Sunday dinner. SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Life in Kirksville: Week 2

This last week has felt more like real life. We are finally just about settled into our new home! The only thing we are missing is Internet. I even hung up some pictures to liven our walls. Granted, one of them fell off the wall in the middle of the night (R.I.P picture frame...), but other than that things are staying put!

I went to campus with Jonathan pretty much every day last week so I could use the Internet. I've been doing a bit of job searching and applying, but as of right now I'm still unemployed. Jonathan keeps reminding me we haven't been in Kirksville for very long, and to not get too discouraged, but I have been asked one too many times if I have a job yet and it's hard to not let it get to me. I'm the type that needs to be kept busy, which is why I was so focused on unpacking/organizing/decorating. But now that is done. Maybe my blog will get more attention. ;)

The weekdays weren't all too eventful. I've been working on writing thank you cards and working on my cross-stitched Christmas advent calendar while Jonathan studies at home (I feel like a grandma). We have fun making dinner together every night though. We've also been watching episodes of Rugrats (oh, the nostalgia) and Modern Family to wind down at the end of the day.

We finally got insurance figured out! I am so relieved that we're finally getting Jonathan insured on my car. Maybe I suffer from worry and paranoia, but I feel like I can sleep easy at night now knowing we're both covered on that car. I trust his driving, but...let's just say his driving record isn't quite as clean as mine. haha

One of the nights last week we sat down and did budget planning. That was productive, but stressful. We don't know how much utilities will cost us, or how much we'll be spending on groceries each week, so there was a lot of guess work involved when creating our budget. Our thoughts were, "Wow. Welcome to grown up life I guess." We will be okay, but money will be tight unless I can find a job! (Please, if you have any ideas for me, pass them along.) Who knew adding up rent, gas, electricity, water/garbage, health insurance, car insurance, gas for the car, car payment, cell phone bill, groceries, etc. would all be so expensive!

We also felt like grown ups Friday night. We had a date night (originally we were going to go to the fair until we learned how expensive it was per person, so we went out for cheesecake and then a little walk instead), but we got home and spent maybe 2 hours mowing our huge lawn. Then we watched Modern Family and were in bed by maybe 11. We laughed at ourselves the next day because we felt so lame and old.

Oh and I have to tell you some perks to married life - it means you have someone that can go change the batteries in the smoke detector when it chirps at 2:45 in the morning! It also means you have someone to hold you close throughout the night when there's a 3 hour long thunderstorm. It also means you have someone to help you clean the apartment and who will surprise you by doing the dishes in the morning when you're still asleep. :)

I think the only con/awkward thing about married life is the toilet situation. Our toilet clogs very easily. And yes, everyone poops. But that doesn't mean you want or need to see or smell you spouse's poop. We had an eventful night the other day which resulted in me cursing the toilet, walking on the front porch and screaming, and Jonathan asking kindly if I needed him to unclog it for me. He promised he wouldn't mind, but I was too proud to admit defeat. I got it all cleared up after maybe 37 tries, but anyway...toilets. Gah. I hate that aspect of life.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a heavenly day. We made soooo many yummy foods. I think that deserves a blog post all of it's own though. Stay tuned.

Overall, things are going well. We have fun, despite how much he has to study. Each day I'm realizing how lucky I am to have Jonathan in my life. I think I fall deeper in love with him every day, which I believe is a good thing!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life in Kirksville: Week 1

I know, I know. My blog has been neglected the last little while. With the wedding, and then moving, things have been crazy! I promise to post about the wedding eventually soon, but for now I want to tell you about my first week living in the midwest.

Kirksville, Missouri.
Population: 17,000 (ish.)
Nearest city: Approximately 80 miles away.

Here, there are no Mavericks. There are Caseys. There is no Maceys or Smiths. Here its HyVee. We do have Walmart. And there is a JC Penney. I think I might have seen a Payless Shoe store as well.

First impressions of Kirksville? (Err...I suppose it would be a second impression, seeing as I visited this town back in April.) I think it's a nice place. It's a lot less busy than any place I've ever lived before. It also looks a lot older than any place I've lived before. I think the people are really genuine and friendly. It is beautiful and green. I already know the names of the main roads. It's relatively quiet. There are fireflies everywhere and they mystify me. Gas is cheap here. Everything is cheap here. I now understand why people complain about humidity. I officially live in tornado country, which terrifies me. Overall though, I am excited about living here. I would never have thought to choose this place to live, but it is where Jonathan is going to school, and I choose to live where he is. It's pretty nice always having a partner by your side - especially when you are living 1,820 miles from home.

We got to Kirkville late on a Saturday. We were lucky enough to have Jonathan's parents drive out here with us. They took their truck and helped us haul our belongings. Sunday we basically just lounged around. We attended church (not the ward Jonathan and I belong to though. Our ward meets at 9 and we decided that was too early...) and it was fun seeing the types of people that live here in Missouri. I saw a bunch of young families (likely dental or med school students), and I saw a bunch of old people. A ward of newly-weds and nearly-deads. But in all seriousness, I love how the church is the same no matter where you go. I loved hearing fun accents. I loved feeling the spirit that the members brought. I loved learning all kinds of cool names.

On Monday we moved into our new little home. Our house number is 111 1/2 (Seriously?) and we've already run into problems (apparently if you try to order anything online and type in an address with 1/2, the computer will get mad at you and tell you it is invalid). It is really a cute little home though. I'm in love with it. The person we are renting from is the sweetest person I have ever met. I could tell you all the kind things he's done like bringing buckets of hot water to the house so we had some when we first moved in, taking nearly $100 dollars off our first month's rent, paying for someone to mow our lawn for us, etc. We are so lucky we have such a kind landlord.

The week was mostly spent making trips to the city (remember, about 80 miles away) to furnish our house. We made sure to get a couch, a bookshelf, a table and chairs, and a bed while Jonathan's parents were still here so they could help us transport those items in their truck. But throughout the week Jonathan and I would make several more trips to the city, because guess what? All those Target gift cards only work at Target, which is over an hour away. Guess what else? Apparently Wells Fargo isn't even in the state of Missouri, so we had to drive to Iowa to deposit our wedding money. It was fun though picking out all the things we wanted for our home. I am grateful for all the generous wedding gifts we got too - they have been SO helpful. When we weren't traveling or shopping, Jonathan and I were unpacking or organizing our house. (Soo many cupboards and drawers and closets to work with - it's been wonderful!) We also made a lot of trips to city buildings to get utilities turned on, to get my car inspected and then registered in the state of Missouri, then to get some school things figured out as well. In summary, we've been really busy, but it has been productive! The only thing we really have left is getting new car insurance, and getting internet (I'm pretending to be a student and chilling in a study room while Jonathan is in class.)

It hasn't all been unpacking and organizing. Last Tuesday we made a trip to Nauvoo (2 hours away) and went to the temple. We had dinner with another couple this last Sunday (a girl from back home moved to Kirksville because her husband is doing med school as well, so we met up with them.) Jonathan and I also got to teach the 6 year olds on Sunday, that was fun. We had our first Family Home Evening together. Have watched a couple movies to relax. I took Jonathan clothes shopping to get him new jeans (he LOVED it...haha). Mostly it's just been nice having time to just be together though. His parents left last Wednesday and although it was sad to say goodbye to our families until probably December, it was exciting to know we were officially embarking on our journey of married life together. It's been great so far! I'm excited for the thousands of more weeks I get to share with Jonathan!