Monday, May 18, 2015

Someone I'd Like You To Meet

Well, it's probably time I let people outside of facebook know - I am engaged! I've actually been engaged since the beginning of April, and unofficially since the middle of March (whoops; I realize I've written a few posts since then.)

Let me introduce my favorite person to you. His name is Jonathan.

Now I suppose I should answer all the common questions.

How did you meet?
You might be surprised to learn that Jonathan and I actually met online on a dating website, ldsplanet. I used to feel embarrassed to admit that fact, probably because of the reaction some people give. But when you work 40+ hours every week as a teacher, your options of who you interact with and are actually allowed to date is pretty limited. I know that relatively speaking I was pretty young to join a dating website, but I felt prompted that it was something I should do. I judged myself as I created the account, but after being on for only a week, mine and Jonathan's paths crossed and the rest is history.

How long have you been dating?
I'm never quite sure how to answer this question. We started talking the beginning of January, and I was starting to majorly crush on him by the end of that month. By Valentines Day I knew I wanted to commit to only him, and by the beginning of March we were both talking about marriage seriously.

Does it scare you that things are moving so fast?
Honestly, no. I have dated quite a bit. It had gotten to that point where I knew exactly what I was looking for in someone. It wasn't just a matter of what I wanted in someone, but it developed into discovering what I needed in someone too. The more I got to know Jonathan, the more I realized he is everything I want and need. I hated when I was single people always telling me "When you know, you'll know," because I didn't understand what they meant by that. Now I'm on the other side of things, and I know exactly what they meant because I've experienced it. 

When is the big day?
June 27th. I am beyond excited. A little under 6 weeks, my friends!

So where does he live?
Guys. He lives way the heck in middle of nowhere Missouri! That means I will be living in middle of nowhere Missouri. If I'm honest with you though, the only thing I'm worried about is tornadoes. Other than that, I'm kind of excited for the adventure of living somewhere new. Plus, it is only for a year (he is doing med school and after next year he'll be doing his clinical rotations - we're hoping out west somewhere for that). 

Where is he from originally?
He is from Southern Utah. I visited in March for the first time and met his family there and Southern Utah is beautiful. We went hiking in Zion and I absolutely loved it. I know I have this mild hatred for the state of Utah, but after visiting Southern Utah I realized it is a mild hatred for Utah county. Not the state of Utah itself. 

How big is his family?
He has one brother and one sister - just like me! He is the middle child though and both of his siblings are married. He also has two nephews and one niece and they're all adorable. I met them back in March because they live all live in Southern Utah. He has a good family. I like them a lot. (And no, I'm not just saying that.haha)

When was your first kiss?
Haha. Okay, so our first kiss was in the middle of March on a Wednesday just two days before we told his parents we were planning on getting married this summer. Crazy, right? We were already planning on getting married before we'd even kissed. We drove up Hurricane Mesa and he gave me a love letter and a beautiful necklace that I wear almost every day. It was insanely cold and windy, but still a precious moment. 

When did you first tell him you love him?
BEFORE our first kiss actually! I told him I loved him on a Sunday, which happened to be our second day being together in person. We had been talking, texting, and facetiming every day for two months by that point though. We had no other option but to talk and get to know each other. Being together in person confirmed how strong my feelings were for him and telling him I loved him came so easy and naturally. He said it back and then we both bawled like babies because we were so happy to have found each other. 

How did he propose to you?
I went out to Missouri the beginning of April. I stayed in the house of a family in his ward and so he'd been by beforehand to see where I'd be at. He was very sweet, and thoughtful, and fun and wrote a bunch of cute little love notes and hid them in plastic easter eggs around the room I was staying in. A couple days later we made a trip to Nauvoo to see some church history sites. While in Nauvoo we walked around the temple grounds and stopped at a tree that was just starting to blossom. He told me some sweet, loving things, and then had the ring in another easter egg. He asked me if I'd marry him, and I said, "Of course I will!" 

How many days have you actually been together in person?
Hmm... good question. We were together for 9 days in March, 10 days in April, and we've been together 4 days in May. That is a grand total of.... 23. 

How many days will you have been together in person before you get married?
We will probably have 13 days or so together in June. He's going to come the beginning of the month for a week, and then he'll come several days before our wedding at the end of the month. So...35 or so days total of being together before becoming husband and wife. Long distance is TOUGH, let me tell you! But I guess it keeps us safe, so that's a plus. And we have plenty of time to talk and really learn about each other. 

What is it about him that you like?
I adore Jonathan. My list of reasons why I love him could go on and on. But I will refrain from getting too sappy and just tell you some of the main reasons why I know he is perfect for me. He is caring. He is thoughtful. He is considerate. He is loving. He puts me on a pedestal. He makes me feel wanted. He treats me like a princess. He is chivalrous. He has a strong testimony. He is a hard worker. He is intelligent. He strives to be his best. He makes me want to be a better person. He understands me. He is easy to talk to. He makes me laugh. He is kind to others. He is humble. He is selfless. He is giving. He is musical. He likes the outdoors. We share common interests, We have similar ways of thinking. He loves his family. He makes me a priority. Like I said, I could go on and on. But I know 100% that he is right for me and I am thankful every day for him. 

We took our engagement pictures last weekend and it was a lot of fun! We had an awesome photographer that didn't even charge us (because the photographer was my dad...haha)! At first we were kind of awkward, but I think we ended up with some pretty good pictures that captured our feelings for each other. Because you made it this far into the post, I'll let you see some of my favorites. I'm seriously so in love, I can't handle it. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Goodbye Ology

Two posts in one week? What is happening!? I will tell you what's happening: the semester is coming to a close. Hallelujah! This week has been nuts. It was a 50 hour work week and as much as I love math, I admit I'm starting to get a little mathed out. Is this what my students feel like? haha

Actually, I want to dedicate this blog post to talking about my students. Because they're awesome. I don't think I've announced this on my blog yet, but I actually quit my job. A few months ago I went in and talked with my manager and told her this will be my last semester working at Ology. I am moving out of Provo for good the end of this month. That's 2 weeks away and I'm not quite sure it's really sunk in yet. Anyway, it's been an interesting semester for me. I am currently teaching 2 classes and it's sad to think they're my last 2 classes ever at Ology. It's hit the point where I realize "this is my last time teaching lesson 28" or "this is my last time teaching a review for exam 4". I have really enjoyed my classes this semester. I feel like I've developed a pretty good relationship with them and I can honestly say I will miss them dearly.

I have a problem of getting emotionally attached. Not inappropriately so. But saying goodbye is tough. And this semester not only will I be saying goodbye to my students, but I am saying goodbye to a really awesome job. I'm saying goodbye to phenomenal coworkers. I'm saying goodbye to the place I've spent the last 3 years of my life. I'm saying goodbye to my classrooms I've taught in. Saying goodbye to the math lab. Saying goodbye to everything I know so well and am so used to. I can tell that it's been a good job because I don't feel a sense of relief about the fact I'm leaving. I feel sad inside.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work at Ology. It was a great company to work for. It was a great job to have right out of college. It was a great experience. I developed so many skills I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I feel like I've improved as a teacher. I feel like I've become a better leader. I feel like I've developed more confidence. It's just been...a dream, really. I didn't expect to get a job like this without a teaching certificate and I am so grateful I was given the chance to work for them. I've loved my experience and wouldn't trade it for anything. I am grateful for the people I was able to meet. You meet a lot of people in 3 years time. Awesome coworkers, yes, but also incredible students. I will miss Ology a lot, but I'm excited for the future. And I'm excited to finally be getting out of Provo and progressing in life!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'll See You Again

Back in December I posted the lyrics to this song I wrote about Trevor. The anniversary of his death was a few weeks ago and I recorded/posted the song on YouTube. I've been meaning to put it on my blog, but as I'm sure you noticed, I haven't been the best at blogging lately.

I know it's a little late, but I just want to say a few words about Trevor. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing that he is no longer on this earth. I saw a short film last weekend and in the film a mother was talking about attending the funeral and burial of her 16 year old son who died in a car accident. As she talked about her son and the memorial service, I couldn't help but think about Trevor. I thought of how, like the mother in the film's son, Trevor was taken prematurely. I thought about how much I miss him, but how each day is getting a little bit easier.

Of course things happen that will make me miss him. I will hear things or see things that remind me of him. But I know I'm going to see Trevor again someday. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to know him so well. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to call him my best friend. He understood me so well and treated me perfectly. I am SO thankful for his friendship and his loyalty. Losing him was one of the top 3 hardest things I've ever faced, but it's getting easier. I feel at peace.

Monday, March 9, 2015


It's no secret that I've had some hard things happen and a lot of things I've struggled with - especially the past 2 years or so. Some of it I have been very blunt about, and some of it I have been very vague about. I will probably continue to do a little of both those things throughout this post. What I want to talk about today is something miraculous that has happened in my life regarding all that emotional pain I've dragged around with me: I am healing.

No, I can't say I'm 100% healed, but I feel...different. I feel lighter. I feel happier. I feel a change in my countenance. One of my biggest struggles in life has been with my self-worth. I love my parents with my whole heart, really I do. But I spent most of my life telling myself I was a burden to them. I told myself I wasn't wanted to begin with and shouldn't expect them to ever really love me. I didn't feel I deserved happiness because I wasn't supposed to be here. I spent most of my life telling myself I was a mistake. After a few years of therapy I changed my perspective and stopped calling myself a mistake.

I share this because it has played a role in the way I handle my trials. Part of me tells myself I deserve hard or bad things to happen to me because I wasn't supposed to even exist. Or I see it as punishment for the emotional pain I caused my parents (especially my mom) when their plans were interrupted and drastically changed due to learning about an unplanned pregnancy. Living that way is exhausting though. Beating yourself up is draining. And hurts.

I've been doing some reflecting over the last few months or so. I've been very determined to improve and become a better version of myself. I can't forget about the hard things that have happened (Trevor's death, family issues, breakups, etc.), but something I've been learning more and more is the power of the Atonement. I used to think for some silly reason the Atonement was applicable to every other person except myself. Why? I really don't know. My logic made no sense. But over these last few months I've started to feel the effects of the Atonement working miracles in my life.

The Atonement covers everything. So on the one hand, the Atonement has helped me cope with and handle my sorrow and grief. I have felt the Savior tutor me through my trials and carry me the times I'm feeling weak. I have been praying more sincerely, frequently, and fervently and it is making all the difference. I can see that He has been reaching his arms toward me, but I wasn't always reaching back. It was as if I'd fallen overboard, drowning in the sea, not willing to look back at the ship where the Savior stood extending his hand to pull me back up. I panicked because I was drowning and spent so much energy trying not to sink that I forgot to call out for help.

The second side of the Atonement is the one that enables us to be clean and pure again. When we repent of our wrongdoings, it is the power of the Christ's Atonement that makes up the difference and helps us be whole again. I didn't think I could ever truly feel clean and pure and whole though. But the miracle is I'm starting to. I don't feel plagued by hopelessness anymore. I don't feel like I've ruined my life. Rather, I am grateful for the chance I have to begin again. And as hard as it was, I think I can honestly say I was grateful for the challenges I faced (and continue to face) and for the mistakes I made. It has given me the gift of greater empathy and understanding for others and I can see how much I've matured and grown from it all.

My heart is so full right now. I'm starting to see myself the way the Savior sees me and the way my Heavenly Father sees me. They see my full potential. They see me as a virtuous woman. A valiant daughter of God. They see me through eyes of love.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eating Disorders

Today I want to talk about eating disorders and specifically the effect eating disorders has had on my life. First I will define the term eating disorder according to the google webs: "Any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa)."

I think most people associate eating disorders with one of two things: Anorexia (starving yourself) and Bulimia (binge eating and purging). Being a Human Development major and Sociology minor, I have read about countless cases of eating disorders. I've seen videos, heard stories, and read studies on the causes and effects of eating disorders in individuals lives. Something I rarely talk about though is eating disorders in my own, personal life.

No, I am not anorexic, nor am I bulimic. Yes, I am underweight. Yes, I have let some of my emotional issues effect my eating habits. So I suppose then yes, I have struggled with eating disorders in my life, just not the kind you typically think of.

I haven't always. In fact, I didn't even think about or consider the fact I might have one until I was 15 and in a Health class at school. I overheard some girls in my class gossiping about how I must be anorexic because my BMI was so low. I know words are just words, but they can have a big effect on people. Especially insecure 15 year old girls. A few months later my family moved out of state. As a whole, the experience of moving was a positive one, but at first it was hard for me. I developed a really bad habit of "not being hungry" during lunch time. Many days I just wouldn't bring a lunch. And the reason was this: I was having some serious issues with loving myself and believing I was deserving of good things. To punish myself, I wouldn't eat. I didn't do this because I had an obsession with being thin. I did it because that was the safest way I could think of punishing myself. 

I still ate breakfast and dinner, so I wasn't putting my health in any serious danger. But what I had done, that I didn't realize till later, was develop bad thinking habits that followed me and haunted me for years. When I became a freshman in college, these bad thinking habits came back and hit me with full force. I will be blunt - I struggled big time. I was experiencing my first real heartbreak, I was experiencing a wave of depression that I could hardly handle, I was experiencing feelings of inadequacy, I was experiencing what it's like to fail at the one thing you thought you were actually good at (school), I was feeling lower than low and I was desperate.

When I become overwhelmed, I close up and shut down. I am pretty good at putting on a happy face for others or putting on the charade that everything is fine. Inside though, I was hurting very badly. I didn't know how to cope with the pain I felt so I reverted back to what I'd done in high school - punish myself by not eating. My freshman year in college was worse than my experience in high school though because I didn't have anybody to monitor my eating. After I'd gone 3 straight days without eating I'd realized something - this was something I was actually succeeding at. The physical pain of hunger was more tolerable than all the emotional pain I had felt. And where I had failed at so many other things in my life, I was not failing at skipping meals. It soon became a dangerous game I played with myself. How long could I go without eating? 

I knew things were getting bad and I was heading down a road I didn't want to be on. I found the courage to meet with a therapist, which really helped me to work through my problems. I starting making a greater effort to eat consistently again. I knew skipping meals was an unhealthy game and I needed to stop. Things legitimately got better.

If I am being honest though, I didn't ever heal completely. Those bad thinking habits still exist. When I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed or upset with myself, I still punish myself by skipping meals. Or if it is a busy day at work, I don't make it a priority to eat something. I tell myself, "Oh well. You have too much to do; you don't deserve to eat anyway." Sometimes I will "accidentally" forget to pack a lunch. Typically these are days when I'm feeling depressed about something and "forgetting a lunch" is a way I can punish myself. I know it's terrible, but it is a thinking process so deeply rooted that I can't shake it completely.

There are other things have have contributed to my disordered eating. I'd be lying if I said I hate being thin. It's secretly one of the few things I actually like about myself physically. I have fallen into the trap that many women in today's society fall victim of. I care about my appearance more than I should. I am often insecure. I often don't think I'm pretty. I hear the compliments other women get and beat myself up inside because I compare myself to them. I could write a list for hours of things I hate about myself, but I know that's not healthy. I know it won't make me happy. I suppose my point in bringing this up is that many people think that they will be happier or people will think they're prettier if they are thin. It doesn't matter if you are overweight or already skinny though. I am sometimes so obsessed with the idea that "being thin is the only thing I have going for me", that I develop a fear of hitting triple digits on the scale. I panic if my size 00 jeans are too snug. I panic if my stomach isn't flat and my shirt is too tight. I panic if I have to loosen the belt around my waist. I try not to obsess about thinness too often, but it is something society reminds me of on a daily basis. So though I overhear women say "I wish I had Kristy's figure", I don't think they realize that the insecurities are still there for me too. 

Many different times throughout my life I've had people ask if I eat. Most of these people don't ask me directly, but I still find out about it. I find it slightly offensive that people assume just because I'm thin it means I have an eating disorder. But I am a people pleaser. I hate making people feel bad or proving them wrong. There have been times I've justified my terrible eating habits by saying "Well they think I'm anorexic anyway, so it doesn't matter if I skip meals." That's just another example to prove that people's opinions have a grave effect on me.  I hate that I let it effect me as much as it does. 

The point of this was not to seek pity. It was not to seek reassurance that I'm fine just the way I am. The point was to be honest and explain something that I've really struggled with. I am the type that typically keeps a lot of my struggles to myself and I decided that talking about them could do 1 of 3 things: 1. reassure others that they're not alone in their struggles, 2. help me get these feelings off my chest, 3. show others that trials come in all shapes and sizes. Yeah, maybe I'm more vulnerable now, but what's the point of going through trials if you're not willing to grow from them or share your experiences with others? If there is one person that benefits from reading my story, then writing about this all was totally worth it to me. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scavenger Hunts at Walmart

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt at Walmart? It has the potential to be a really fun activity to do for a double date. I've done it a couple times. You and your date grab 5-10 items off the shelves of Walmart. Meet up with the other team and switch items. See which team can return the items to their proper place and prove it with a picture. Last time I played this game on a date I played with someone who had 0 enthusiasm and it was quite clear he was not interested in me in the least bit (was texting and taking phone calls during our date, left early, didn't bother trying to get to know me, etc.) Anyway, my last several trips to Walmart I've had items on my grocery list that have been incredibly difficult for me to find! And I keep making mental note of where they are located so that the next time I play the Walmart scavenger hunt game, I'll have a few really great items.

Here are a few items that are trickier to locate than you might think:
Parmesan cheese (Not the kind in the refrigerated section. The kind in the green container)
Ricotta cheese
Seasoned bread crumbs
French fried onions
Peanut oil

Speaking of other things that are hard to find, my last 3 Walmart trips I've been trying to keep my eye out for Crockpot liners. I've bought them once before so I know where they're located, but either they sell out super fast, or someone decided to hide the stash of them in a different location than they should be. All I know is I'm bummed that they were sold out AGAIN, because I plan on using my Crockpot this week and am not looking forward to having to clean it out by hand. Does that make me lazy? haha

Friday, February 20, 2015

Vaccinating 50 Shades of Leggings

I was super motivated to be a better blogger, really I was. I felt I did a pretty good job writing last month and then before I knew it I looked at the calendar and February was half way over. It's absolutely nuts! I've been thinking about what I want to talk about and I decided today's post is going to be a little bit of a vent session. Here goes:

Dearest Facebook friend,

Please stop posting articles and opinions on the following topics: vaccinations, 50 Shades of Grey, and leggings. Frankly, I am sick of my entire Newsfeed being filled with these things constantly.



PS I know your baby is cute, but I also don't need to see 50 new pictures of said baby every day.

Now I guess maybe I will enter the hypocritical part of this post where I will actually say my opinion on those topics I'm sick of hearing about. I'll keep it brief because I'm sure that I'm not the only one sick of these topics. Also, I'm sure if my future self stumbles upon this old post I will still be sick of these topics.

In a single sentence summary - I think it's stupid to not vaccinate your children. The end.

50 Shades of Grey:
Am I upset about it? Sure. But I've read 0 articles about this, haven't watched the trailer, didn't read the book or see the movie, and frankly I forget about it until I log onto Facebook. If it's upsetting you, then stop talking about it and sparking other people's curiosity about what the hype is all about. That's how pornography problems typically begin - with curiosity. Yes, the world is turning into a scary place. Yes, I'm sad about the morals of society. But it is what it is.

I don't care what people decide to wear. Do I wear leggings? Yes, I do. Am I going to stop? No. Do I think leggings can be a substitute for pants? No. But here's what I do think. I think leggings provide a way to help with modesty. I don't see anything wrong with wearing them if you wear them with a long tunic top, or a baggy sweatshirt, or a short dress. I love leggings because they help make my outfits modest when a skirt might be a little too short for work. Stop bashing on leggings because of the "wrong" or "bad" uses of them. Leggings aren't inherently evil. You could pick any article of clothing -- backless dresses, cropped shirts, low neckline tops, etc. Why are we focusing on leggings? Shouldn't it just be modesty in general? There will always be some complaint out there, and I'm kind of tired of all the picking on each other and bashing on other women for what they decide to wear. And I hate that people feel the need to defend themselves for their choices too. We all are going to have different opinions on what is considered appropriate. That's not going to change, no matter how convincing of an argument you give.

Vent session over.